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Presentation Schedule

Windows on the World (NEC, Third Floor)
9:30am Storytime: Life of a Silk Moth
Madison T. Drouin, Author
10:30am Talk TBD
Dr. Dan, Avian and Exotic Animal Care
11:30am A Bug-eating Lemur? The Amazingly Weird Aye-Aye
Chris Smith, Duke Lemur Center
2:30pm Scorpions: Fact vs. Fiction
Wade Harrell, Live Arthropod Curator
The Harrell House Bug Museum, Santa Fe New Mexico
3:30pm Remote Controlled Cyborg Insects for Search and Rescue (As Seen on TV)
Prof. Alper Bozkurt, NC State University, iBionics Laboratory
SECU Daily Planet (NRC)
10:00am Talk TBD
Dr. Julie Urban, Assistant Director, Genomics & Microbiology Lab
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
11:00am The Earth’s Coolest Bugs: The Hidden World of Hoppers
Jason Cryan, PhD, Deputy Museum Director for Research & Collections
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
1:00pm Talk TBD
Brian Little
2:00pm Bugged: The Race to Eradicate the Asian Longhorned Beetle
Jim Smith, Entomology Risk Analyst
3:00pm Talk and book signing
Arthur Evans, Author
4:00pm Dr. Matt Bertone
WRAL 3D Theater (NEC, First Floor)
3D Movie: Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure!
(Tickets required, please see Museum Box Office)
5:00pm James and the Giant Peach (not 3D)


Event presentations and displays are subject to change without notice.

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