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Evening Insectival 2013

5 - 7 pm

Join the moths, fireflies and katydids for an exhilarating evening of nocturnal activities! The street fair, out on Bicentennial Plaza, will feature live bands, street performers and delicious food.  Get your face painted or battle like a stag beetle! Come inside the Museum to visit breathtaking buggy exhibits.

Outside the Museum

Bicentennial Plaza

  • Sandy Feat
  • Roach Races and Bug Bingo
  • Info/Volunteer Registration
  • Plaza T-Shirt Sales
  • Audubon Society's Mealworm Food Chains
    Wake Audubon Society
  • Wire Art
    Jonathan Daniel, Wire Artist
  • Alberti Flea Circus
    Last show at 6:30pm
  • Local Greenways
    Triangle Greenways Council
  • Caricatures by Bruce Stevenson
  • DOODLEBUGS: Insects in Chalk
  • Face Painting
    Paint Savvy
  • Love Bugs
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Horseshoe Crabs
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Bug Cooking Demos

Edenton Street

  • Wake County Beekeepers Association
  • The Scrap Exchange "Events by the Truckload" Free Art and Bug Making!
  • Greenways
    Triangle Greenways Council
  • Stag Beetle Battles
  • Battling Beetles
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Scorpions
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Main Stage Performances
    • 5pm — Mosquito Legs

Inside the Museum

First Floor Main Building

  • Flight of the Hawkmoth
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • What is a Bug?
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Tarantulas and Other Spiders
  • Scorpions and their Kin
  • Cool Crustaceans
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Bed Bugs
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Wonderful World of Orthoptera
    Department of Entomology, NC State University
  • Bug Bus — Plant Pathogens and Nematodes Hitch a Ride
    Plant Pathology Society of North Carolina and NC State Department of Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association
  • Airbrush Tattoos
    Paint Savvy
  • Life of a Silk Moth
    Madison T. Drouin
  • Insect Macrophotography
    Entomopixel LLC
  • Henna Painting
  • Bugs in my Math
    Moebius Noodles
  • Remote Controlled Cyborg Insects (AS SEEN ON TV)
    NCSU iBionicS Lab
  • Scorpions: Living Fossils
    University of California at Berkeley

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

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