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BugFest Displays 2014

Locations coming soon!

Alberti Flea Circus
Avian and Exotic Animal Care
Bailey Bee Supply
Biological Control and IPM
Bob Palmatier Environmental Books
Boy Scouts of America
The Bug Whisperer
Cameron the Caterpillar Bounce
Caricatures by Bruce Stevenson
Carolina Butterfly Society
Cure Nursery
Duke Lemur Center
Entomopixel LLC
Franklin County Beekeepers
Goddard School
The Harrell House Bug Museum
Holly Springs School of Dance
JD Wire Art
Life of a Silk Moth
Marbles Kids Museum
Museum of Life and Science
NCDA & CS- Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division
NCDA & NC Forest Service
NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources
NC Entomological Society
NC Museum of Art
NC School of Science and Math
NC Science Festival
NC State Libraries
NC State Parks
NC State University
NCSU Department of Biology
NCSU Department of Entomology
NCSU iBionicS Lab
NCSU Math Department
PaintSavvy Face Painting
Park Geek
Red Hen
Sandy Feat
Scrap Exchange
Shanna Wood Art
Shaw University
Stacy Lewis Art
State Employees Credit Union
Sylvan Heights
Tyra Tech
University of North Carolina
Vintage Volkswagen Club of America
Wake Audubon Society
Your Wild Life
5 County Beekeepers Association

PLUS: Museum-hosted activities
Arthropod Olympics
Arthropod Zoo
Buggy Bingo
Chalk Art
Cool Crustaceans
Creeping Crawlies
Funky Bug Antennae Crowns
Horseshoe Crabs
Interactive Robot Bug
Milkweed for Monarchs
Native Bees Build it Better
Plant hoppers
Pods from the Past
Roach Races
Stag Beetle Battles
Stink Bugs!
What is a Bug?
World’s Largest Bugs

Event presentations and displays are subject to change without notice.

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